About us

Welcome to ASCS Everything, we are a new online shop dedicated to providing you new exciting fun products relating to seasons and events globally. We have specifically selected and categorised only products that we have tested and found to be worth sharing with others to ensure they enjoy their purchase as much as we did.
seasonal items will be listed as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, thanksgiving, Islamic holidays, and many many more.
Events products will be based on what’s current and popular and will be limited stocked to and sold first come first serve. This can be related to the latest games or characters in your favourite shows as well as sports and exhibition events.
We will also be selling some interesting costume jewellery and watches to enhance your night out bling without worrying if it gets broken, lost or stolen.
Our Commitment to providing to our customers will be the first most important part of our online shop, so will be investing in offering customisable options in the future. We look forward to working closer with our customers to produce custom tshirt designs as well as many other custom printable items that will have give you ability to having your own unique product.
Please do check back regularly as we will be doing weekly givaways to luck winners chosen by random to receive some very special products.